Are your products gluten-free?

Yes! We are committed to creating an inclusive and accessible product, which includes our gluten-free and celiac communities, including those with gluten allergies and sensitivities.

Our products contain gluten-free ingredients but may have exposure with ingredients or equipment that contain gluten. Our products are not made in a certified gluten free environment.

Are your products vegan?

Our products do not contain any animal ingredients or by-products. We do not conduct any animal testing in any part of our processes.

Are your products sensitivity and sensory friendly?

Our products are thoughtfully designed for those with sensitive skin and sensory concerns. The formula is gentle, soothing, and glides on the skin. 

We do not include any harmful ingredients or common allergy or irritant inducing ingredients, such as phthalates, sulfates, dyes, fragrances, and parabens. 

Where are Raising Junior products made?

Our products are made in the United States. Some of the ingredients that go into the production of our products are imported.

What is “clean” skincare or “clean beauty”?

Our products are stripped down - only made with the essentials needed to keep your child clean. Our formula is gentle, made without any irritants, allergens, or harmful ingredients. It has also been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. 

For us, “clean” skincare extends beyond its ingredients. We are cruelty-free, gluten-free, fragrance free, dairy-free and vegan. We want everyone to be able to use our product!

How do I determine the expiration date of my product?

The expiration date is list on the barcode on the bottle. Our products have a shelf of one year. While our products are designed to provide plenty of time to enjoy it, since it will be used in a moist environment we recommend enjoying the product within 3 months of opening it. 



Where do you ship?

We ship to addresses in the United States and Canada and Mexico. If you are interested in having items shipped outside of North America, please contact us at info@raisingjunior.co for a quote.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards: Shopify Shop Pay,  Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay and PayPal.

What is Raising Junior’s mission?

Raising Junior’s mission is to provide families with safe and effective products for children with sensitivities to feel comfortably clean. 

What is Raising Junior’s founding story?

Lori is a mother of two. When her kids were growing up, it was difficult to find a product for them as they both had dry, sensitive skin. Some products would contain essential oils which caused rashes and hives on her son. Both Lori and her daughter have non-celiac gluten sensitivity and need to avoid gluten.

Lori wanted her kids to feel comfortable in their own skin, so she created a natural and stripped down formula. After years of research, she was able to create a super moisturizing and gentle product that is both pediatrician and dermatologist tested. 

Raising Junior was made for sensitive kids in mind, and it's also great for all the humans in the household.