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dinner time gets messy

Parenthood is quite a journey.  And for a parent of special needs kids, it is more like a roller coaster.  Lot's of thrills and dips, to say the least!

I discovered the sensory and skin sensitivities in my kids at an early age. 

They both have dry, sensitive skin. 

I tried all the natural soap products on my kids but nothing was ever "right" for them.  We even had to contend with some nasty rashes and hives from ones containing essential oils. 

I wanted something that would be soothing to them so that not only would they use it, they would be more comfortable in their own skin.

Certain smells sent them running (even lovely scents like lavender and strawberry).  They wrestled against textures next to their bodies, like zippers, buttons and some fabrics.  Don't even get me started on bright lights or noise at crowded birthday parties.

I wanted premium natural and simple. Only the ingredients to get the job done.

A year of research and formulating ... what resulted was a super moisturizing product line to meet the needs of these kids.  No weird textures or smells. 

Simple stuff for busy bodies.

And when you have a product that works, you have fewer decisions to make and more time to spare. [I like to check my email while the kids are on the mini-trampoline - what do you enjoy doing?]

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I have enjoyed my journey in creating them.


busy mom Lori (to two busy bodies)