4 Ways to Get You Kids in the Bath

4 Ways to Get You Kids in the Bath

4 Awesome Ways to Get Your Kids to Bathe

Do you ever plan a relaxing evening with your kids?  You know, they'll take a bath, get into their pajamas, read books and cuddle before they drift off to sleep? 


Perhaps it looks more like in my house when I run a bath and chase those little ones down to get into the bath, and by the time they get in the water is cold... so I need to start over?  And then the night takes a downturn and I just get them off to bed so I can watch Netflix.

After experiencing this for about, YEARS, I compiled a list of ways to encourage those rascals to come clean...

1. Competition

I am not above pitting the kids against each other for a little friendly competition.  Who can get to the bath first?  Who can make the craziest hairdo with shampoo suds? 

I also utilize the betcha can't get into the bathroom by the count of 10.

My kids like structure and are competitive with each other.  If this doesn't work for your kids, try the next idea.

2. Choices

Some kids need choices.  A little structure gives them autonomy and confidence to make their own decisions and limits the overwhelm when there are too many choices.  

Bar soap or body wash?  Bath bubbles or no bubbles?  These are simple things that can make them feel part of the process, and for your sake, move the process along.

3. Make Bathtime Fun

I mean, really, when you are playing with your favorite toys do you really want to stop, strip down and get in a tub of water or shower?  Probably not, so make it as fun as playtime.  

Use lots of toys, bubbles, funny soapy hairdo... may get the pets involved.  Anything that makes it a good time for all.

4. Reason With Them

This one is likely best for the older kids.  They may start to understand the need to shower or bathe regularly, especially when approaching puberty.  Explaining it may do the trick without you having to be creative every night. Good luck with that!

Whatever you do try, I hope it works!  Head over to our Facebook group and let us know your tips for bathing your kids.


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